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  • Solcor's Shock Cord and bungee cord range is manufactured from a specially formulated solid rubber cord with UV treated polyester covering. This improves its strength and longevity making the most reliable bungee on the market backed with a 5 year guarantee 

  • Solcor fittings and accessories are manufactured from UV resistant Nylon 6/6 for durability.

  • Ideal for Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Outdoor and Domestic use.

  • Testing the maximum manual stretch of Solcor's cords reveal that 1 metre of

                4mm shock cord stretches to 1.7 metres

               6mm to 2 metres and

               8mm to 1.85 metres.

1 metre of Solcor's wire braided cord will stretch to 1.75 metres.

You can see more on Solcor on the website