Cordall, Expert Cord & Elastic Manufacturers

Cordall has been operating in the Horowhenua for more than 20 years and are proud to be a New Zealand owned and operated business.

Cordall Manufacturing has factories in Levin, Marlborough and Christchurch and manufactures about 450 products, some in 30 different colours using 25 different machines. The team have a huge breadth of manufacturing experience and a good knowledge of all products produced in the factory.

Many of the products are readily available for purchase on the shelves in the Factory Shop. Samples of products can be provided on request.

The team is small enough to quickly adjust to change market demands and smart enough to adapt to customer bespoke requirements on time and on budget.

Cordall continually looks out for different ways to utilise their machines and introduce new products.

Cordall’s niche is being a nimble and responsive New Zealand based manufacturer. The factory cannot compete with the South East Asian giant manufacturing companies, but the team at Cordall can help you reduce your inventory costs by providing smaller more regular delivery of product. Whilst the team are experts at next day deliveries of ‘smaller runs’, they are also very happy to discuss pricing for long runs.